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Turning 24


I’m constantly self-reflecting. I don’t know how much other people do it, but I am constantly looking at things I’ve done in the past and what I’ve learned. I think of things I can do and what I can take away from them. I think of why certain people have or haven’t done things and those results, with no judgement, just wonder.

Turning 18, 20, and 22 were kind of “boring” years for me. For undisclosed reasons, turning 18 didn’t have a major significance. I couldn’t go to “cool” 18 and over places. I turned 18 already in college, but had few friends. I can’t think of anything spectacular that happened that year.

Turning 19 – I joined my sorority and orientation program at school. I made A LOT of new friends. My social life sky-rocketed. I went on my first international trips. I practically fell in love or felt  the most I’ve ever felt for guy, and got heartbroken! Getting heartbroken was sad, but I believe in “better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all”.

Turning 20 – While my social life was about the same, at this point it was now normal. Unfortunately, all my friends were turning 21. Therefore, having to leave me out of activities. Once again, I can’t think of anything else that happened this year. That should speak volumes in and of itself.

Turning 21 – Obviously, I turned 21. There were a slew of fun new places to go to!!! I also moved away from home for the first time and spent a semester in North Carolina. I made a bunch of new friends and had new adventures. I went on my first road trip with friends to New York over Thanksgiving break.

Turning 22 – I’m not sure why this year didn’t feel as awesome as the others but not as bad as 18 and 20. It should’ve been just as fun. I graduated from college, started a job with the Walt Disney Company, made new friends. I did gain weight year 22. I spent most of this year prepping for my London Trip, for when I’d be 23. I also spent a lot of 22 waiting to turn 23. For some reason I thought 23 was going to be AMAZING.

23 was amazing. I went to London with a close friend. We had unbelievable adventures. I went out a lot with my friends and did fun things, all of which are a blur now. Even though, most of 23, I wasn’t permanently employed, I had enough to survive and I was happy. Who’d have thought? I lost a noticeable amount of weight. I started dating more frequently than before, partly out of boredom and also to learn more about myself. I met a guy that I enjoyed spending time with, that made me happy, inspired me, and someone I learned a lot from. Although short-lived, I’m still very grateful for that experience.

Needless to say, as 24 approached, I was nervous. It was going to be another one of those dull years. I didn’t have a specific plan for my birthday celebrations. The day of my birthday was spent running around trying to fix my laptop.  The day of my party, I ran around buying supplies. I invited several of my close friends all in one place for  karaoke. Even then, I was nervous stepping in and getting the party started. By the end of the night, I had a BLAST. I had such a great time and so did my friends.

I must have been re-inspired from Pinterest or some other place. I am also a firm believer in “Life’s what you make it”. I believe in fate, destiny, luck, and all that jazz. I also believe you can change your change your fate or destiny and improve or break your luck. We each have the ability to change our course with the support of God ( my choice of higher being).

That’s when I decided to embrace the rest of my 20s. This is a time for living. I’m sure the other decades will have their fair share of celebratory occasions. For now, I love being young and old, financially independent (mostly), having a disposable income, my circle of friends. I’ll save the next coming-of- age worry for 30, but that’s eons away.

24,25,26,27, 28, and 29 are going to be amaaaazing!