Life of Pi Quotes


“I am who I am” – Chapter 5 :08

“It is true that those we meet can change us. sometimes so profoundly that we are not the same afterward. Even unto our names.” – chapter 5, :49

” All living things contain a measure of madness that moves them in strange, sometimes inexplicable ways. This madness can be saving. It is part and parcel with the ability to adapt. without it, no species would survive- Chapter 10 1:27

“Animals don’t escape from somewhere but to something” – chapter 10 

“Why do people move. What makes them uproot and leave everything they’ve known for a great unknown beyond the horizon. Why climb this Mt. Everest of formalities that makes you feel like a beggar.why enter this jungle of foreignness, where everything is new, strange and difficult?

The answer is the same the world over. people move in the hope of a better life.” – Chapter 29 :00-:40

“I am a person who believes in form. in the harmony of order. where we can we must give things a meaningful shape. – Chapter 44, 3:55

“It is important in life to conclude things properly. Only then can you let go. otherwise you are left with words you should’ve said but never did. and your heart is heavy with remorse” – Chapter 44 4:15

“Doesn’t the telling of something always become a story. . . isn’t just looking upon this world something of an invention”

“The world isn’t just the way it is. it is how we understand it. No? and in understanding it, we bring something to it. Doesn’t that make life a story? – chapter 49 16:00



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