OML’s goals

  1. Write more. Improve my writing, Become less insecure about writing.
  2. Learn how to write script coverage. This is another thing I avoid from job postings. I still don’t know what I want to do in entertainment. However, I’m very well aware that knowing how to write script coverage is probably important and something I should not be scared about. This goes in hand with goal number 1 also.
  3. Move out of Los Angeles (temporarily). I recently started thinking about where I’d like to settle in LA. These last two sentences sound contradictory don’t they? There is another post coming relating to this topic.

I was part of a year long early career program at The Walt Disney Company that I immediately started once I graduated from college. When I didn’t jump into a job after the year ended, my only goal was to find a full time job. I wanted to get that full time job, move out and/or buy a new car, and just start living and enjoying life.  As we know, nothing ever really goes according to plan. Almost a year later and I still haven’t found that full time permanent job. That doesn’t necessarily mean I’ve been unemployed. I am part of two temporary employment agencies; one is a general agency and the other is focused on entertainment. Thankfully, they keep me busy and are bringing home the bacon.

For the first time in a long time, I feel like having these goals gives me something to work for. During college, the main goal is to do well in your classes and graduate.  After graduating, there is no specific path to follow. We are basically left on our own to figure out what we want to do with our lives. At least for me, getting my bachelor’s degree was the last thing that was expected me of me. So it almost leaves you in a position of “Now what?”

Needless to say, I think goals are important because they give us something to work towards. They give us a more defined purpose. Whether short or long term, whatever we are working for, it’s important to keep moving.


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